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What Our Clients Have to Say

We love getting feedback from our clients. We have gained the trust of many people throughout the region that rely on us to provide the best care for their 4-legged family member.  We treat all dogs like they are members of our own family.  Read below to see what’s been said about Lucky Dog Resort.

"We have two really sweet rescue dogs, and I’ve never wanted to board them in a traditional kennel.  They normally get a lot of attention from everyone in the family, have a fenced backyard to play in and get nice long walks almost every day.  We used to be able to leave them with my Mom but situations change and we had to come up with another plan.  I really liked a daycare-boarding kennel we used for a couple of days on the Oregon coast so I looked for something with a similar concept near home, and found Lucky Dog Resort.  
My daughters and I have gained a fair amount of ‘dog knowledge’ over seven years of participating in a 4-H dog club.  Melissa and Greg get an A+.  This is a professionally run business by two people who really care about their customers, your dog!  I feel they take care of all of your dogs needs; emotional, safety, health, comfort and exercise.  By doing all of that, our needs were met too.  We felt comfortable and confident leaving our dogs in their care while we took our vacation.  One of our dogs is eleven and starting to slow down.  The other is six and very shy around new people.  Melissa and Greg took great care of both of them.  This is what we observed when we came to pick them up.  Our dogs were very happy to see us, as we expected.  After our shy dog greeted us, he took a detour over to Greg who had obviously made efforts to make him feel safe and happy while he was there.  When we got home, it was like they hadn’t even been away.  They were not overly tired or depressed, like I’ve experienced dogs become after being provided only shelter and food at a traditional kennel.  They were immediately happy and adjusted back to the normal routine.  We’re really glad to have Lucky Dog Resort available.  Melissa and Greg do a great job providing a home away from home for their canine guests."

Bren Hammond

"We have been using Lucky dog Resort for the past year. I checked with multiple day cares for our puppy and ended up choosing Lucky Dog Resort. We have had a great experience, our lab is now a year old and gets so excited when we pull up to the house that she runs to the door before I can even get out of the car. We left her overnight for the first time a few days ago and she ate all of her food and was just as excited to return the next week for day care. I am very confident that my lab (baby) is treated extremely well and extremely spoiled. I highly recommend Lucky Dog Resort." 

Melissa Tucker

"Our two chihuahuas have the greatest time at Lucky Dog Resort! We've used Lucky Dog Resort for a year now and we have no plans to go anywhere else.  Scrapper & Tuli (bro & sis) get to take advantage of the Sibling Discount per night and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a "small dog" only room. At Lucky Dog Resort, Melissa and Greg do everything they can to make all of the dogs feel at home. Their play areas are separate for big and little dogs so that there is no worrying about our little ones getting run over...or in our case, actually trying to "take on" the bigger dogs! ;-) On cold, rainy days the dogs get to snuggle in one of the many doggy beds. Our chihuahuas are becoming well-socialized and much calmer because of the love they receive from Melissa and Greg. I know that they are going to have fun and there's no need to worry when they drag me from the car to the front door! They're on Vacation too!" 

Patricia and Nathan Baker

"Lucky Dog Resort is an immaculately clean boarding facility in a home environment. Their facility and service exceeded my expectations! They provide a very safe and loving place for your dog to stay while you are at work or out of town, with a large fully fenced yard for exercise and comfortable indoor space for resting. What they offer is unlike anything I've ever seen, and the already reasonable price is nothing compared to the VALUE of knowing my dog is being loved and cared for while I'm away. I highly recommend Lucky Dog Resort!" 

Thomas and Carolyn Gutierrez

"We have been taking our two older labs, Simon and Sebastian, to Melissa for the last year. The boys enjoy going and Melissa shares stories with me about Simon helping her do office work (the "help" is the same he gives me at my home office) that makes me know he is not in his kennel all day. They come home just as clean as when we took them (which was not the case with the kennel we used to take them to). When I have needed to take Simon and Sebastian there at the last minute, Melissa has been welcoming. When the weather was bad, her husband, Greg, even offered to meet us in town to help get the boys out to her house so that we could get to the airport. Customer service is excellent and the accommodations for the dogs are ideal!" 

Lora Patton

"For years we have been blessed to have Lucky Dog Resort as a safe “haven” for our dachshund, Annie, while we travel. We know she is being lovingly cared for in a clean, professional, home environment. If you need a safe place to leave your dog, Lucky Dog Resort is your answer!" 

Joel and Kathy Madson

We'd love to hear your feedback!  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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