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A couple of Beagles, a Yellow Labrador, a Poodle and a Shepherd mix playing in cedar chipped yard.


All dogs boarding at Lucky Dog Resort will participate in playtime 6 times per day at 

no additional charge!

Our large cedar-chipped yards helps prevent pups from coming home covered in mud.

Three indoor kennels with happy dogs peering out.


All floors are covered with rubber matting to reduce the stress on your dog's joints, back and muscle and prevent your dog from incurring injuries from slipping. 

All rooms are climate-controlled throughout the year (heating and air-conditioning).

A Lhasa Apso smiling in the sunshine.


Playtime is separated into two cedar-chipped yards to separate the smaller dogs from the bigger dogs.  

"Coyote Rollers" have been installed onto our 6' high fenced yard - so no dog will be able to get out.

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